Servant verification in delhi
Servant verification in delhi
Background verification in delhi
Employee verification in delhi
Verification services in delhi Servant Verification
Background Screening in delhi
Servant Verifiacation in delhi
Background verification in delhi
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To be the Preferred Business Advisor & Recognised Authority with the Integrity & Value in Trade Facilitation, Security Solution and Corporate Inelligence, Pre-Employment Background Screening Multi-Disciplinary Risk Mitigation Services

We aim to set standards for the services offered by the group, by providing innovative solution and tailor-made services, to deliver value to our customer through the Quality Management System in cost effective way with Excellence International Performance.


Fireball : Reliable Source in verification services

Background checks and Pre- Employment screening is so important in today's world because of the real threat employers are facing i.e. "negligent hiring." Wrong choice of employee may put your productivity, earnings, and even put yourself, your company, or your co-workers at risk. Background screening of your employees through a thorough background check shall help your human resource department to take the right decisions.

Fireball is a full service background screening company specializes in obtaining correct information through background checks on all India basis, past employment, Neighbourhood verification, Address verification, Police verification, Servant verificxation and Educational verification and many other verification services on individuals for employers nationwide. Each background check is being handled by team of professional investigators to help your company in taking the right decision.

Human resources managers should be fully aware of a potential employee's professional and personal background. Fireball can run through a complete background check of any applicant before that person becomes a potential member of your team.

Thoroughly pre-screening your job applicants before you hire will...
  • Save time and money
  • Avoid negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Provide a safer work environment
  • Detect falsified job applications
  • Give you the facts to make sound hiring decisions

Protect your business with Fireball, a full service pre-employment background screening company. Hiring decisions must be made with confidence, and companies all over the country rely on Fireball to provide them with the information they need.

For more information about our background check services or verification services feel free to contact our company directly by phone or send us an email and one of our agents will contact you promptly.

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Background verification in delhi
Verification Services
Background Screening
Servant Verification in delhi
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Background Screening in delhi
Servant verification in delhi
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