Verification Service
Verification Services

Corporate Intelligence


For success and failure of a business, it is important to obtain significant information about the prevailing business environment, competitors and the business itself. It is even more important when an organization/corporate is planning a new business or an investment.

How Fireball Detective Network can help in providing updated information and assessments about the following aspects: -

  • Prospective market
  • Key competitors and their operations.
  • Pre-joint venture due diligence to ensure prospective partner has the capabilities/stability to support a contract
  • Verification and certification of vendors, manufacturers /sub contractors to safeguard corporate reputation as also quality of product.
  • Political analysis
  • Geo location risk analysis including environmental damage, unhygienic and unsafe working conditions.
Strength, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT) analysis of the market (short team) Competitors prospects
Servant Verification
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