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1. Why Employee Screening is Important ?
Under this program, Fireball’s professionals find out the details of the present and past employment of employees whose cases are pending in Labour / Industrial Courts. Numerous organizations have taken advantage of this program to reduce their liabilities
2. What are various reasons for employer to conduct Pre-Employment Screening ?
There are a number of reasons why an employer should conduct pre-employment background screening.  The most compelling reasons are :
  • Making the best hiring decision
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Reducing Turnover
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Increasing Morale
  • Reducing Risk of business disruption
  • Fulfilling other legal or contractual obligation
  • Providing a safe work environment
  • Protecting organisation’s assets
  • Fostering peace of mind
  • Reduce Risk of legal liabilities
  • Equitable treatment of applicant pool
3. What is Due Diligence ?
Due diligence is an investigation conduct for various reasons i.e. mergers and acquisitions support, competitor intelligence, Screening existing employee background, Screening new potential clients, vendor vetting, hostile take-over, examining potential acquisition targets.
4. Why Due Diligence Is Required ?
  • The opportunities for conducting profitable business in market are huge.
  • Before you engage in any business venture you need to balance the risks against the potential rewards.  
  • Business Professionals should know more about the local commercial environment and your prospective business partners. Are the local business practices compliant with your own corporate governance procedures ?
  • To help you operate more smoothly and efficiently within the business environment, let us conduct enhanced due diligence enquiries on your behalf.
5. Can your company provide services nationwide ?
Fireball is a national and regional provider of background screening services with full capability to provide our services through out the India.
6. Do you offer volume discounts ?
We offer a further discount based upon your ordering volume and product packaging.
7. Can I customized our company background check ?
We offer a palate of products of which we can easily customize an employee screening program that fits your industry,job classification and budget.
8. How many branches Fireball have throughout India ?
We have 10 Branches and Network in 92 cities alongwith a Corporate Office and Operations Office in Delhi.
9. What is your turnaround time ?
Our standard turnaround time is 5 to 7 working days depending on the jurisdiction with many reports available instantly.
10. How do you secure and protect confidential client data ?
We ensure the privacy and integrity of clients’ data and candidate screening information through systematic security measures in the areas of information technology and our physical locations. Our reporting system is available only to authorized users, and all transmitted information is encrypted.
11. What is negligent hiring?
Negligent hiring normally refers to a cause of action in law that arises from an employer's obligation not to hire an applicant that they knew or should have known was likely to undertake conduct against other individuals or otherwise subject employees or third parties to actions which can create legal liability. Through negligent hiring lawsuits, many employers have been found liable for their failure to conduct appropriate due dilligence and pre employment background investigation. Negligent hiring and retention lawsuits have cost many companies millions of dollars in damages. Conducting background checks prior to hiring employees will protect and ensure your organization from potential lawsuits under negligent hiring tort law.

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