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Fireball Securitas & Consultants Pvt. Ltd  - Physical Security Services
Fireball Securitas is a leading Security Solution Provider with operations on Pan India basis, employing more than 4000 smartly uniformed, highly trained and strictly supervised personnel.  With over 10 years of experience, our commitment is to be a “Total Quality Service Provider”.  We at Fireball Securitas aim to provide an effective Guarding Solution to eliminate these well-known threats. We pride ourselves as being a rapidly growing organisation in the provision of manned security, offering a comprehensive spectrum of security services from a one man-guarding contract to a multi-manned security team.

Fireball Facility Services  - Physical Support Services
Fireball provide strategic facility services based on expertise, best practices, operating procedures and technical know-how. Our capabilities include building management, maintenance and consulting services. Outsourcing facility management and maintenance services is a smart business decision for companies looking to increase efficiency, maintain flexible resources and decrease operating costs. Finding a service provider who understands this strategy is key to overall success. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's how most companies need smooth operating facilities. And that's what Fireball delivers. Led by a team of facility management experts, we can manage day-to-day facility operations around the clock.

Fireball is having more than 200-strong client base grew by 30 percent on yearly basis.

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