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Pre Marital Investigations


In the present social environment, marriages are increasing being arranged through matrimonial advertisements, consultants and websites, which may involve risk in dealing with strangers. Therefore, in order to avoid unhappy married life, it would be better to have adequate prior information about the prospective bride and bridegroom, which predominantly relates to the following: -

  • Address Verification
  • Job Profile, salary & reputation at the work place
  • Overall financial status
  • Temperamental details
  • Character, previous marriage (infancy) & daily routine.
  • Relations with other men/women
  • Criminal Record
  • Drug / alcohol abuse and general habits
Family background and neighborhood reputation.
  Post Marital Investigations

Marital alliances may develop problems due to the suspected activities or adultery by the spouse, which make it impossible to live together. Such situations subsequently deed to considerable problems, mainly separation and court cases for divorce. In the present socio-economic scenario, post-marital problems are on the rise as is evident from requirement of detective to cover post-marital services.

Matrimonial Investigation Services
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