Employment Verification
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Pre-Employment Verification

  Pre-Employment Verification pertains to checking of the authenticity of the information provided by a short listed job applicant in his/her CV, as also verification of several other personal aspects with a view to eliminate chances of hiring errors at the recruitment stage. Significant aspects include the following: -
    1. Permanent and Present Address
    2. Details of family members, their source of income, social (reputation and neighborhood)
    3. Academic/Professional Qualification
    4. Political/trade union inclinations including family members
    5. Involvement in any economic offence
    6. Criminal background/Criminal tendency
    7. General state of Health
    8. Previous Employment details

Fireball Detective Network can help in thorough screening of prospective employees to check out if there is any adverse report against him/her or family to arm the employer with such sensitive knowledge of past performance as we consider “Prevention is better than cure”.

Employee Background Checks
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