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As part of our commitment to client service, Fireball manages your background screening process online with our industry leading technology. Fireball online employee screening reporting service provides employers with a range of valuable tools and options including 24/7 access to completed or in-process background reports and real-time status. Our web based interface provides you the speed and flexibility to qualify applicants quickly by having detailed and informative applicant screening reports.
Key Benefits:
Multi-user set up is available with select levels of access per user
Available 24/7
Maximum security provided
User friendly and easy to read reports
Applicant solution

Access our customizable Web-based employment applicant solution, upgrades your background screening to a more efficient, convenient online format that streamlines your processes and consistently and accurately captures the applicant information.

Let Fireball ease your workload and manage the applicant screening process by creating a custom online profile allowing applicants access through a secure Web link, utilizing a unique client code ensuring the background check is only initiated at your companies discretion.

Verification Services
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